Being One with Art, Embracing my Creativity

Hi, my name is Oanh (pronounce "One"). I am an artist based in Singapore with Vietnamese origins and Canadian upbringing. I have always been a creative soul and I tried to run away from it, but 2 years ago I decided to embrace my big magic and run with it. Much of my inspiration is drawn from stories and the emotions that are invoked within me when I hear them.


I love drawing on paper with a black ink pens but sometimes I create digitally depending on the work. The more details I get to draw the better! Lines, motion, a mix of abstract and traditional imagery are characteristics of my drawings. I want my clients to be embraced with a warm hug when they receive their one-of-a-kind illustrations. I am always excited by the opportunity to experience the wonderful emotions when I draw. For a personalised drawing, contact me to tell me your story! My specialty is one-of-a-kind artwork; can be used as framed artwork, tattoos, gifts for your loved ones, wedding invitations, etc. :-)


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic I wanted to do my part to help and decided to share my art (love) to spread the joy. I created a mindfulness playbook to help ease boredom, stress or anxiety for anyone looking for fun and peaceful activity to take their mind away. To get your copy, click here or go to the Download tab to get your colouring booklet or worksheets. You may get additional bonus gifts from me.


Love, Oanh