A golden thread

When I read Agathe's notes for this personalised drawing, I was reminded of this quote by Isadora James - "A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life."

As the oldest of five sisters, I felt connected with the piece and got nostalgic reminiscing of our childhood in Canada. Agathe wanted the drawing to include key moments of her sister's life; the strong sisterhood that exists between them regardless of distance and time; to show how much she loves her; and how she is unique and beautiful, just like this drawing. Aww, that criteria melted my heart. To begin connecting with this piece I popped open of wine from France (that's where they are from) and started researching for symbolism. This piece flowed easily for me as it was very relatable from my own experiences and feelings for my sisters. Four bottles of wine later (just kidding), about 20 hours later - this beautiful piece came together.

Things that inspired the drawing:

  • Koi fishes and their symbolism

  • Annabelle/dragon fly

  • Love, sisterhood, strong bond

  • Character, strength

  • Happiness

  • Beauty

  • Strength

Criteria I set out for myself:

  • Illustrate heart somewhere in the drawing

  • Mix of digital (for architecture) and hand-drawn work (everything else)

  • Balance the "white" area and details ratio

What was the hardest element to draw?

Replicating "La Valse" by Camille Claudel in my style of drawing - I had to draw it 3 times before I was happy with it

Thank you for sharing your love with me Agathe. I will never forget this experience.

Love, Oanh

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"I could not be more thankful for the artwork Oanh created for my sister's 25th birthday. She took the time to understand the intention of that gift and asked the right question for the artwork to relevantly embrace my sister's personality with meaningful symbols. It was fantastic to see the progress of her drawing, I really felt I was part of the process and it made this gift even more special and personalised. Thank you Oanh for making my sister's 25th birthday gift unforgettable and so precious!" Agathe