Did his jawline steal her heart or mine?

I became really good friends with a group of people (varying in age range) at my co-working space. They have become my brothers and sisters, my chosen family. We are all very different from one another but have one thing in common (sorry can't tell you, not sure if I am allowed to boast this publicly). Back to the topic at hand, my brother, has the most smouldering jawline - if you see him in a crowded room and a picture is taken, he would be the first jawline, I mean first person you will notice. Can you tell it is so hard for me to focus on the attention on the drawing when I am talking about his jaw?

Focus. Ok. My brother came to me to request a gift for his lovely wife's birthday. He wanted to give her something special and after more than a decade of marriage together, he wanted her to know that she is still world, sun, moon, stars the whole works. Can he get any more perfect? As I read his creative brief - their love story, I was convinced that French men are the most romantic men on earth! He proposed to her with a 30 page love letter, wrote and sang her an original song that he composed - who can say no to that jaw?

Enclosed is what I ended up drawing. They now have one copy each on their nightstand, their children have enjoyed finding hidden elements in the drawing. I was deeply touched by learning this. Before this commissioned artwork, I only knew how to channel my emotions to draw but I made the pivot to feel what they feel so that the drawing would become more relatable to them. A huge leap forward in my drawing journey and I am forever grateful for it.

To big brother jaw and his beautiful wife, thank you for inspiring me to leap forward, and teaching me another layer of love that I didn't know existed.

Love, Oanh

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Testimonial from the Jaw himself:

"Oanh is simply incredible! She is not only incredibly talented with her mesmerizing drawings, but she has the ability to actively listen, grasp the depth and intensity of your story and translate this into the most beautiful art work, full of symbols and packed with hidden stories. Oanh is a very good friend and it was a no brainer for me to go to Oanh, when I had this special present to be made, as I had already seen a number of her pieces and was already under the charm. I also had heard incredible feedback from others who had been through the process. The whole experience is actually captivating, it is not just about the art but forces you to go deep within, come up with your story or narrative, exchange with Oanh, provide everything that can bring emotions alive, and Oanh then goes away and does the rest, does her beautiful magic. The outcome was perfect for me the first time, but Oanh also makes sure any amendments to reflect your full vision are incorporated. Oanh you are very talented artist and highly professional. To anyone reading this, no hesitation go ahead now..."