Art therapy works!

Circuit breaker: It's basic function is to interrupt current flow after a fault is detected.

COVID-19: Singapore makes 'decisive move' to close most workplaces and impose full home-based learning for schools, says PM Lee

When this announcement happen, I was okay. I was at home, fully supportive to do whatever it takes to combat this virus. Fast forward to day 2, I went for a run cause I found out our condo gym, pool, outdoor activities are closed. With the deepest fear to ban running/outdoor excercise, I decided to run at 2 pm in the afternoon. Five minutes into the run I can feel my body numbing, 2 minutes later my body was full of hives. Was it heat rash? mosquitoes bite? But that many? I knew I couldn't control it so I left it alone... but my mental health I can cure?

I coloured. I drew. The hives went away! How did that happen? I am no expert on therapy or mindfulness activities but serious magic happen. After I coloured and drew, no traces of hives all over my body!

Takeaway? Try colouring, mediating, games, games help mental health and that is the most important thing you should focus on. You are your most valuable investment.

Let's spread love, and share joy! Invest in yourself, try to find out how it works, try art therapy :-) Check out my download page for free activities and other surprise gifts from me.

Watch me draw a personalised artwork and see all the details I put in here.