My first thought was how?

I will never forget the happiness that alluded while drawing this artwork. Rory wanted a special gift for his mother and wanted an illustration that worked together as well as apart. MY FIRST THOUGHT WAS HOW? As it turns out, problem solving the connection or connecting challenge was the most delightful experience! I created an artwork for each individual and a bonus one that brings the two drawings together (which makes a complete heart).

Watch how this piece came together!

I hope you will enjoy this as much as I have. ;-)

Check out how I created a personal word art for letters "HH"in my next post.

Love, Oanh


"Oanh, I cannot thank you enough for interpreting my son's love for me in an art form. I can't wait to hang them on the wall. It is more than the beautiful artwork, you have obviously listened to our Roo and interpreted our relationship so skilfully and thoughtfully. I love that Roo has the other 'hal'. This is a truly heartfelt gift from my darling son and you have enabled this. Thank you so much!" - Birdie

"I commissioned Oanh with Art my birthday gift for my mum who lives in Portugal. Hiring her was a no brainer - I love her style and know that she puts incredible effort and thought into her art." - Rory