Same day, same year, same hospital. Real life Kiki and Lala!

This project was challenging as there were many elements I wanted to include in the illustration. After I read that my client's fiancé has the same birthday, in the same year, and born in same hospital as her, I was spellbounded. There is a possibility they were beside each other since birth, talk about fated to love one another. They met again a few decades later while scuba diving! It was a very special experience cause they swam with a few rare fishes - dolphins, several different species of Manta Rays (eagle rays, devil rays and marble rays). With their wedding emblem, I wanted to celebrate their wonderful union and new life together.

Who is Kiki and Lala?

Kiki and Lala, named after the Little Twin Stars characters by Sanrio (a Japanese Cartoon company)

The couple wanted a to convey a special message of love: "Although we called ourselves the “Twin Stars”, we are very different in nature and nurture.  We will like to remind ourselves that it is a gift that we get to fall in love with each other, to treasure our fate - one another, to always use the differences to create growth, and to always continue to strengthen a stronger bond with each other." This made me to be determined to i.) illustrate an image that shows the perfect balance to signify their union ii) illustrate how they can continue to lean on each other for the rest of their lives. iii) illustrate strong support for each other

They also wanted to invoke the following messages/characteristics: spirituality, family, gratitude, sensuality, love, courage, patience, acceptance, and joy. See what I mean by lots to convey and illustrate? So how did I approach this then? I'll answer with sharing my process - how do I come up with the unique artwork?

  1. Internalised the creative brief

  2. Reimagine their story visually (story-mapping, doodling)

  3. Research elements I do not know i.e. Who is Kiki and Lala and what do they look like?

  4. Dream about their story (this really happens 75% of the time, the origin for some of my artwork is an imagery or a moment that is triggered from my dreams, sometimes I will wake up at 4 am to draw because I am entranced to capture/interpret my dreams)

  5. Start to draw and while drawing, channel their messages/emotions. This is key for me, I use to only be able to draw during my own extreme sadness or happiness. I have learnt after the jawline personalised artwork to channel the clients energy to bring back my drawing mojo!

My goal in my illustrations is to personalize it for my clients to include the details that illustrate their story. It can be challenging but I am grateful to be able to immortalise their memories into an artistic form. Listening to other people's stories inspires me and it is also a gift to myself to be able to provide them a piece of artwork that they can treasure.

Here's what I drew for the couple. Let me know what you think or contact me if you want your own.

Love, Oanh