Smol but almighty!

Hedy wanted something personalised for herself. A reflective illustration that would expresses who she is and what she is like. Since that was the case, I needed to understand her a little better before I started drawing. Normally I would have a legend that describes each hidden element in the illustration but the challenge was to see herself in the drawing so I decided to not give Hedy a legend.

What do you think, did I make the right choice? I believe so, if I wasn't able to allow her to see her reflection - I would have missed my creative brief. Since a period has past, I will share some symbolism...

  • I wanted to show her how almighty she is, this lady is a rising force to be reckon with - symbolised by the butterfly

  • It was a double honour to draw for her and get to know her better which I've illustrated with double "Hh" (it's also her initials)

  • Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis is the national flower of where she is from

  • The lines/patterns on the letter H represents the mythical element she requested (She actually requested a mythical bird but I marked that with the feather

Here's the final piece. Check out the drawing video on my youtube or more drawings on Instagram.

Have a look at my next post that shares how I created custom art for a special gift.

Thanks for reading thus far!

Love, Oanh

Testimonial from HH:

"Even before getting started on the piece, Oanh took the effort to get to know the different aspects of my personality and incorporated it into her art. She then leaves it up to you to decipher and find meaning within the drawing for yourself. Each piece is truly unique and I treasure mine so much ❤️" -H