Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Zen

Have you seen the beautiful selection of posters that you can download to print and hang them in your window or send them to your local hospital, doctor’s office or nursing home? Check them out here, they are absolutely amazing! I love seeing the different visuals and the outpouring of positive interconnectedness. Here are my contributions - all were inspired by the passage to achieving zen. I used my mandala creations for these posters to further reinforce purpose - guiding the viewer to focus or miss the details :)


Decided not the end the blogpost just yet since I haven't posted in a long time. Was busy creating... yup #mandalas! The process is very addictive, sometimes I have to snap myself out of creation - I start with the intention of creating one a day (to support my #meditation/clear my mind), a few hours later I have 20 different versions! Then I'm stuck with the problem of deciding which version to choose.

Here are some of my recent mandalas. From left to right: 1. #bookcover 2. #happymothersday 3. #happyvesakday

You can check out my Instagram for more mandalas or download here to colour!