I could not be more thankful for the artwork Oanh created for my sister's 25th birthday. She took the time to understand the intention of that gift and asked the right question for the artwork to relevantly embrace my sister's personality with meaningful symbols. It was fantastic to see the progress of her drawing, I really felt I was part of the process and it made this gift even more special and personalised. Thank you Oanh for making my sister's 25th birthday gift unforgettable and so precious!

Agathe (Read more)

Oanh, I cannot thank you enough for interpreting my son's love for me in an art form. I can't wait to hang them on the wall. It is more than the beautiful artwork, you have obviously listened to our Roo and interpreted our relationship so skilfully and thoughtfully. I love that Roo has the other 'hal'. This is a truly heartfelt gift from my darling son and you have enabled this. Thank you so much!

Fantastic art rendering, maticulous details, excellent craftsmanship!


We love the artwork, it resonates with us so much. Our sincerest gratitude and deepest love!

Frontline Healthcare Workers

Even before getting started on the piece, Oanh took the effort to get to know the different aspects of my personality and incorporated it into her art. She then leaves it up to you to decipher and find meaning within the drawing for yourself. Each piece is truly unique and I treasure mine so much ❤️

Oanh is simply incredible! She is not only incredibly talented with her mesmerizing drawings, but she has the ability to actively listen, grasp the depth and intensity of your story and translate this into the most beautiful art work, full of symbols and packed with hidden stories. Oanh is a very good friend and it was a no brainer for me to go to Oanh, when I had this special present to be made, as I had already seen a number of her pieces and was already under the charm. I also had heard incredible feedback from others who had been through the process. The whole experience is actually captivating, it is not just about the art but forces you to go deep within, come up with your story or narrative, exchange with Oanh, provide everything that can bring emotions alive, and Oanh then goes away and does the rest, does her beautiful magic. The outcome was perfect for me the first time, but Oanh also makes sure any amendments to reflect your full vision are incorporated. Oanh you are very talented artist and highly professional. To anyone reading this, no hesitation go ahead now...

Truly one of a kind. Thank you for your creativity and kindness. I will forever cherish the letter V design you drew for my daughter.


Your artwork is truly amazing. It’s thoughtful, personal and meticulous. You dedicate yourself deeply into every piece and it clearly shows. Thanks for creating memories!


Thank you so much for your illustrations, and especially the Mindfulness activity -  it'll go a long way in helping with the mental health awareness package

Quan Sheng

I commissioned Oanh with Art my birthday gift for my mum who lives in Portugal. Hiring her was a no brainer - I love her style and know that she puts incredible effort and thought into her art.

Oanh drew us one of her creations in celebration of my upcoming wedding to my love, Misha. 


Before she started, she sent us a questionnaire with thoughtful questions on our relationship, our preferences. Using the answers, she incorporated them into a beautiful landscape that is both mesmerizing and meaningful. 


The level of personalization, beauty, details in zen-like simplicity that she can wield is precious and truly one of a kind. Thank you Oanh, we are so appreciative of you, your spirit and your art! xoxo



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